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Purchase Card
U.S. Bank has led the industry by partnering with agencies/organizations to create purchase card payment options that meet their unique needs.

Easy to implement and easy to manage, the U.S. Bank Purchase Card is the right solution for agencies/organizations seeking to minimize costs without compromising control. It is an excellent way to do more with less.
Key Features
  • Flexible authorization system and cardholder spending controls
  • Worldwide card acceptance
  • Access Online web-enabled reporting
  • Supplier management and enablement solutions
  • Real-time authorization system
Increase Purchase Program Controls
  • Velocity monitoring
  • Cardholder single-purchase limit
  • Cardholder cycle spending limit
  • MCC blocking
  • Effective dating
Take Advantage of Innovative Payment Options
  • Cardless accounts
  • Convenience checks
  • Foreign drafts
  • Ghost Accounts or Central Purchasing Accounts (CPAs)
  • Payment Plus

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