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Electronic Access Systems (EAS)

U.S. Bank Electronic Access Systems (EAS) and tools enable agencies and organizations to effectively manage their purchasing, travel and fleet programs anytime, anywhere.

U.S. Bank Access Online – offers a feature-rich platform that can be easily configured and deployed to meet any web-enabled reporting and program management needs.

Innovative leading edge capabilities:

  • Client-side validation
  • Account administration Client System Interface
  • Flex data reporting
  • Facilitates e-Procurement

Fleet Commander® Online offers a controlled and secure, web-based fleet and fuel management program. Complete level III data capture allows desktop management of all fleet and account activity.

Effective control of fleet and fuel expenditures:

  • Online real-time account maintenance
  • Flexible management and transaction reports
  • Online card, driver, vehicle, exception and inventory reports
  • Online bill payment and presentation via ACH Bill Pay
  • Scheduled report delivery to a secure inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Advanced Internet Banking security features

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