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From program implementation to optimization, U.S. Bank offers a full range of support tools including program guides.  Our guides ensure program coordinators, approving/billing officials and cardholders are fully trained on the various program and administrative tools available to them.  You are encouraged to read the following guides thoroughly for an understanding of your program, its use and your responsibilities. 

If you have any questions regarding processes or procedures, please contact your U.S. Bank representative or Agency/Organization Program Coordinator.

Remember to review your Agency/Organization specific page prior to using the general guides below.  Links to these can be found on the Communication and Training Materials page.

Purchase Card
A/OPC Guide
Approving/Billing Official Guide
Cardholder Guide
Convenience Check Guide for A/OPCs
Convenience Check Guide for Cardholders
Merchant Activity Type (MAT) Directory
Sample Statement

Travel Card 
A/OPC Guide
Approving/Billing Official Guide - CTS
Cardholder Guide

Purchase, Travel and Fleet Card 
Transaction Dispute Guide 
GSA SmartPay® Card Program Tax Exemption and Reclamation Best Practices

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