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At. U.S. Bank, we take your security and privacy very seriously. Confidentiality of your records is maintained in several ways, using the highest industry-standard SSL protocols available to encrypt all data transmissions between your computer and our data center. All messages sent to us are not decrypted until they are inside our firewall. In addition, your Personal ID and Password are unique to you. Never share your Password, PIN or account number with anyone. If you have other problems or questions, please contact U.S. Bank Internet Banking Customer Service or call 800-USBANKS.
Q: Is U.S. Bank Internet Banking secure and confidential?
A: Although we cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality of data transmitted over the public Internet, we use the strongest available industry-standard SSL protocols to encrypt all data transmissions between your computer and our data center. Your messages to us are not decrypted until they are inside our firewall. At that point, they are subject to additional internal security procedures common to our ATM and telephone banking services.
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Q: How do my Personal ID and Password protect the security of my transactions?
A: When logging into U.S. Bank Internet Banking, you are provided with five login attempts. Upon the fifth unsuccessful attempt, you will not be allowed into the Internet Banking session. If you have reached your daily attempt limit, it will not prevent you from using an ATM. Twenty-four hours after the unsuccessful login, you are able to attempt logging into U.S. Bank Internet Banking. During unsuccessful login attempts, always verify your information before trying again.

As an additional security feature of Internet Banking, your banking session will be terminated if you do not perform transactions for an extended period of time. You will not receive notification that the session is about to be terminated. If your Internet Banking session is terminated and you have not completed your transactions, simply login again.

To maintain the privacy of your Personal ID and Password, never write it down in a manner that would allow someone to associate it with your Personal ID. Your Password is the key to your account.  
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Q: What browser do I need to access U.S. Bank Internet Banking?
A: View our Software & Browser Requirements.
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Q: Why do I continue to receive a security message when I try to login to U.S. Bank Internet Banking?
A: The security message appears because the Web browser you are currently using needs to be upgraded to a higher version to meet our security standards. This can easily be done by clicking the Browser requirements and security standards link located on the U.S. Bank Internet Banking login page. Simply select the browser button you use most frequently. You will automatically go to that site's download page to complete the download process.
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