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Frequently Asked Questions
This page gives you easy, step-by-step instructions for enrolling in and using U.S. Bank Internet Banking. For additional help or assistance, please contact U.S. Bank Internet Banking Customer Service or call 1-800-USBANKS.
Enrollment and Use
Q: How do I enroll for Internet Banking?

You will need to complete a one-time online registration process that includes selecting a Personal ID and Password for your Internet Banking activity. After you have registered, you may begin using the Internet Banking services immediately.

The registration process will ask you to identify yourself with your U.S. Bank Check Card or ATM Card number and associated PIN (Personal Identification Number). If you do not have a U.S. Bank Check Card or ATM Card, you will be asked to provide your U.S. Bank Credit Card or CreditLine number and your Social Security number. Verification will be completed with your information on our account records to confirm your identity.

You will then be prompted to select a unique Personal ID and Password. Instructions are provided on the registration page. Once you have successfully established your Personal ID and Password, you can begin using U.S. Bank Internet Banking.

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Q: How do I use Internet Banking?

After you login to Internet Banking, you will be shown a list of your accounts and the balance in each account. If you want more detail or want to execute a transaction, just select the account you are interested in and press the "View Detail" button. The pages you retrieve will have action buttons on them that will lead you through your transaction.

For your convenience, drop-down menus are provided on many of the pages where you can perfom transactions. At times, you will be requested to enter information, such as amounts or dates.

When you have completed your Internet Banking session, we recommend that you click the "Log Off" button on any screen to terminate your session. However, if you forget to log off, the system will terminate your sesson after a few minutes of inactivity. If you wish to continue you banking session, just return to the Login page and login again. As an additional security precaution, we recommend that you close your browser after your Internet Banking session and clear your browser's history occasionally.

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Q: Can I access Internet Banking immediately after enrollment?
A: Yes.
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Q: Can I access Internet Banking outside the United States?
A: Yes. View our minimum software requirements.
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Q: Can I download my account history into my personal financial management software from my PC?
A: Yes. Internet Banking allows you to download information from your U.S. Bank Checking, Savings, Credit Card and Credit Line Accounts. From the download screen (which can be accessed from the account summary or individual account detail screens), simply select the format that works with Quicken®, Microsoft® Money or QuickBooks®, or other commonly used spreadsheet applications (such as Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Access or, Lotus 1-2-3). Then, select the range of information you need and download it to your computer for use in the program. Instructions and additional information about downloading are available from the download screen in Internet Banking.
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Q: Can I use Internet Banking from more than one PC?
A: Yes. You can access Internet Banking from any PC with Internet access.
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Q: Can account transfers be performed between my U.S. Bank accounts and other financial institutions?
A: No. Transfers can only be performed between U.S. Bank accounts. However, by utilizing U.S. Bank® Internet Bill Pay, you can make payments to anyone, anywhere in the United States from your U.S. Bank Checking Account.
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Q: What if I used letters instead of numbers for my card PIN?
A: When prompted to enter your card PIN during enrollment, you will need to convert your card PIN to the numeric format. You may need to look at the telephone dial pad to complete the conversion from letters to numbers (For example: the card PIN "BANK" would be the equivalent of "2265" on the telephone dial pad).
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