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This page contains helpful information about the download function within U.S. Bank Internet Banking. If you have other problems or questions, please contact U.S. Bank Internet Banking Customer Service or call 800-USBANKS (872-2657). 
Q: Why are some of my transactions missing when I download?

The file you are currently using may be corrupt. To determine if this is the case simply create a new test file. If the missing transactions are shown within the new test file, it would indicate that the old file is indeed corrupt. If the old file is corrupt you may continue using the new file, or contact Intuit to attempt correcting the old file.

If you need assistance with creating a test file please contact Customer Service at 800-872-2657.

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Q: Why aren't any of my accounts connecting or downloading?
A: Please temporarily disable any firewalls you have and try the download again. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service 800-872-2657.
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Q: I'm able to connect and download transactions successfully, but when activating Quicken Bill Pay, I receive this message: "The login information you provided did not work. You need login from Quicken Bill Pay to enable bill payment in Quicken." What am I doing wrong?
A: This may mean that you selected Option 1 - Quicken Bill Pay, which is a service directly through Intuit. To activate direct connect bill pay through U.S. Bank:
  • Open Intuit Software
  • Select Activate Online Payment
  • Choose Option 2, the U.S. Bank - PFM Direct Connect payment service
This will activate Quicken bill pay services through U.S. Bank.
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