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Merchant Information

TeleTrans expands acceptance of the Fleet Card by allowing fuel, maintenance and other service providers to accept Voyager with a simple phone call; there's no need for specialized point of sale equipment or paper tracking.

Benefits for Fleet Managers include:

  • Reduced administrative expenses
  • Better security and control of payment process
  • Increased acceptance base
  • Audit trail of payment activity
  • Transaction Details presented on:
    • Voyager Fleet Card reports
    • Consolidated billing statements
    • Transaction Data Download from Fleet Commander® Online

Merchant/Service Providers
Using TeleTrans, merchants get authorization and payment directly. maintenance vendors are setup quickly and easily with no setup fees. Any vehicle service provider from an independent location to a multi store vendor can gain acceptance quickly and without incurring any setup fees.

We also offer the comprehensive Merchant Commander Online, specifically created to provide merchants with a simple, cost effective method for receiving payment from card account holders. The merchant simply logs in and provides the card, vehicle and invoice information from the transaction made at their location.

Once processed, a six-digit confirmation number will be submitted and payment will be made by check or by direct deposit. This allows merchants to generate reports on their invoice totals through the Merchant Commander system and obtain payment information on a per invoice basis. There's no equipment to purchase or lease, no invoices to mail and we offer 24hour customer service.

Benefits for Merchant/Service Providers:

  • Guaranteed fast payment via ACH
  • Online transaction and report management through Merchant Commander Online