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Disbursement Risk Management

Manage risk and help protect your organization with U.S. Bank disbursement fraud protection products and services.

Positive Pay
Transmit an electronic file of the checks your company has issued to U.S. Bank for comparison with checks presented for payment. We will quickly bring to your attention any non-matching checks for you to make a payment decision. View images of non-matching checks, and send us your payment decisions via the Internet.

  • Receive comprehensive fraud protection for checks presented at teller windows and through our check collection network. You may benefit from additional fraud protection by using payee name verification.
  • Choose your review method - an automated information reporting service, fax or email report.

Payee Positive Pay
Detect and prevent altered payee name fraud on deposited checks, as well as checks presented at the teller line. This service helps you detect fraud by identifying items with non-matching payee names. We offer two payee verification service options: Teller Payee Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay.

Software for Positive Pay
Would you like to reduce your chances for check fraud but are unable to create a checks-issued file? Treasury Software, along with our Positive Pay service, is the solution. This software is easy to install and is compatible with a variety of common computer platforms. Learn more here.

Reverse Positive Pay
Reverse Positive Pay provides you with an electronic file or report of your paid items daily for comparison with your checks-issued files, allowing you time to make return decisions. View images of your checks and send us your payment decisions via SinglePoint.

ACH Filter & Block Services
Would you like to control what ACH transactions post to your account? These U.S. Bank services will give you control and help protect against unauthorized or erroneous ACH entries. They are also easy to modify in response to changes in your business needs.

  • ACH Filter Service
    Set various criteria to authorize some ACH debits and/or credits to post to your account while excluding others.
  • ACH Block Service
    Block all ACH debits, credits or both kinds of transactions from posting to your account.

Business eCheck Block
Block all, or any combination of electronic check - ARC, POP, RCK, WEB and TEL - payment types from becoming an ACH debit and posting to your account.

Check Filter
Allows you to prevent all check transactions from posting to your account, or only those above a pre-specified dollar amount.

For more information on these services, please contact us.

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