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Summer 2016


 Payment innovation

Alias-based payment option emerges to tame risk in B2C transactions

 Payment type strategy

Consolidated vs. Segregated Payment Files: Which should you use?

 Global payment strategy

Break with tradition — earn discounts and other benefits by paying foreign suppliers in their local currency

Spring 2016


 Payment strategy

Strategies that power the potential of A/P optimization

 Payment fraud strategy

Don't let fraudsters play Whack-a-Mole with your payments


Case study: Ameren Corporation streamlines A/R processing with VantagePoint

 Winter 2015


 Working capital approach

Experience the transformative powers of U.S. Bank Working Capital DNA

 Payment innovation

Same-day coming in 2016 - How can your business benefit?

 Electronic banking

eBAM winning over early adopters with efficiency and reduced risk

 Payment strategies

Case study: Extra Space Storage and U.S. Bank

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