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Summer 2018 full issue, which includes:


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Spring 2018 


Payment efficiency 

Migrating to electronic payments and remittances in healthcare  

Payment innovation 

Same Day ACH: solid early volume with expansion efforts underway 

Payment innovation 

Zelle® lowers cost and risk with digital B2C payments 

December 2017


Payment innovation

How to determine if a prospect will be a “boom” or a “bust”

Fraud prevention

Cyber-hackers: Waging war against an invisible enemy

Payment efficiency

Case study: Power/mation and U.S. Bank

Fall 2017


Payment innovation
Five best practices for Same Day ACH expedited payments
Payment innovation
What you need to know when deploying faster payments
Training employees to fight hackers

Spring-Summer 2017


Payment innovation How to solve the faster payments puzzle
Healthcare Case study: Avera Health and U.S. Bank

Winter Jan 2017


Global strategy Respond to Brexit uncertainty by evaluating exposure, monitoring negotiations
Fraud prevention County government battles payments fraud with technology, training and tone
Payment innovation Emerging payment systems enable faster, more efficient processing

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