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U.S. Bank Lockbox Services

Accelerate funds availability and simplify receivables processing

Efficient, sophisticated lockbox services are vital to managing your incoming payments. With timely deposit and remittance information, you can seamlessly control every aspect of receivables management. From increasing productivity to making better credit and funding decisions, U.S. Bank can make it happen.

Whether you are a specialized organization receiving a few high-dollar payments or a corporation receiving millions of consumer payments each month, we will:

  • Accelerate your funds availability
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Provide you with greater visibility and control of your payments
  • Enhance service to your customers
  • Streamline your entire payments process from start to finish
Wholesale Lockbox - designed for organizations with high-dollar amount transactions.

Additional services available to maximize our Wholesale Lockbox service include:

Image Look Wholesale - A Window into Your Lockbox
With Image Look services, you can view and save images of check payments, remittance documents and other items received at any of your lockboxes online, the same day they are received. Researching customer payments is fast and easy with our enhanced search tool and image viewer.

Web Decisioning – Online Exception Processing
Straight-through processing and exception review keep payments flowing into your accounts. With U.S. Bank Web Decisioning, transactions that cannot be processed according to your specifications can be made immediately available to you online for review and correction. You can resolve these exceptions quickly, helping to reduce Days' Sales Outstanding.

Lockbox Remote Capture - Extend the reach of your lockbox
Reduce the time and manual effort involved with processing check payments received at your office. With U.S. Bank Lockbox Remote Capture you can scan these payments and associated remittance documents and electronically transmit to your lockbox, ensuring a streamlined collections experience.
Retail Lockbox - our leading-edge payment-processing technology designed for high-volume consumer payments.

Managing a high volume of payments can be a challenge. At U.S. Bank, helping businesses like yours collect payments is a primary focus. With our national network of retail lockbox sites, we deliver fast, efficient, cost-effective payment-processing solutions. Additional services available to maximize our Retail Lockbox service include:

Image Look Retail - A Window into Your Lockbox
Image Look provides online access to images of your payments after processing is complete. Researching payment history is fast and easy with our enhanced search tool and image viewer.

Web Exceptions - Online Exception Processing
U.S. Bank can suspend payments that do not meet your processing requirements to Web Exceptions for online review and completion by your staff. You can either submit completed payments back to us for processing and inclusion in your data file, or request that the payment be returned to you for further review.

Property Management Lockbox - our Retail Lockbox service tailored to the unique needs of community associations, master associations and property management companies. With this service, your residents mail their checks with a machine-readable coupon to one post office box. In addition to the benefits of Retail Lockbox, Property Management Lockbox enables you to benefit from the efficiencies of centralized payment processing without sacrificing the ability to credit funds to separate demand deposit accounts for each property.

For more information on these services, please contact us.

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