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Try our E-Payment Service Demos!

Log on to the U.S. Bank E-Payment Service demos to experience the service for electronic collection of payments. You can also see how easy it is for administrators to support this online payment tool.

Login information to the demos is provided below. Contact your Treasury Management Consultant for more information.

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See How Your Customers Can Make Payments

pay button

Select the "Pay Now" link above and use the following information to access the site to experience making a payment:

  • as a Registered User:
    Username:    paydemo
    Password:     paydemo1
    Account number: abc
  • as a non-registered user:
    Account number: abc
  • See Table A for a list of sample routing transit numbers and credit card numbers you can use when viewing this site.
See How Your Staff Can Manage Customer Payments

Select "Manage Payments" and use the following information to experience making a payment for a customer, managing an account, and viewing a variety of administrative roles to field customer inquiries and access reports:

Organization Name:  ABC
Username:     see options in Table B
Password:      see options in Table B

To access the Payer Site IVR (Integrated Voice Response) Demo, dial 888-572-2524. Refer to Table C below for a list of User ID and Password combinations you can use while accessing this demo.

Table A: Routing Transit Number/Credit Card/Debit Card Numbers You Can Use
Below is a list of sample routing transit numbers, credit card numbers and debit card numbers you can use when accessing the demo site to register, make a payment or manage an account.
     Routing Transit Numbers
     Credit Card Numbers
     4111 1111 1111 1111  (Visa)
     5100 0000 0000 0008  (Mastercard)
     3400 0000 0000 009    (American Express)
     6011 0000 0000 0004  (Discover)
      Debit Card Numbers
Table B: Administrative Roles You Can Try
Below is a list of Usernames and Passwords that allow you to experience different administrative roles, field customer inquiries and access a variety of reports.
Admin Role Username Password Permissions
CSR Level I custserv1 custserv11
• View & Edit Profile • Reset Payer Password
• View Payments • View Payment Details
CSR Level II custserv2 custserv22
• View & Edit Profile • View Payment Details
• Reset Payer Password • View Bank Accounts
• View Payments  
CSR Level III custserv3 custserv33
• View & Edit Profile • Make Payment
• Reset Payer Password • Refund Payment
• View Payments • Cancel Pending Payment
• View Payment Details • Edit Pending Payment
• View Bank Accounts • Reactivate Payer for e-check
Treasurer treasurer treasurer1
• Reporting • Download Remittance File

You can login with different administrative roles to view the permissions associated with each role. Once you select "Initiate Call" from the main menu, you're transferred to the "Payer/Payment Search" page which provides access to all payer and payment-related data. If you have not created a User ID on the payer site Web demo, the system is pre-populated with the Username "paydemo".

Table C: Payer Site IVR Demo.
When you access the IVR demos, you'll need to enter a valid User ID and Password combination. Below is a list of pre-defined User ID and Password combinations that may be used for IVR.

User ID Password
12345678 88887777
87654321 77778888
601130008003 12345678
55554444 87654321
3251973 33445566
6151974 22119988