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Electronic Payment Services for Commercial Business

Our suite of electronic payment services offers you speed, security, accuracy and flexibility. We'll help you streamline your payables processes, providing you with a variety of easy-to-use, technologically-advanced payment options. We can even help you move more of your payments from paper to electronic by driving supplier acceptance of electronic payments.

ACH Services

U.S. Bank is one of the nation's top volume originators of Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. We offer a variety of electronic payment initiation options, including online and direct data transmission for both domestic and foreign payments (to Canada, Mexico and Europe). When the timing of your ACH disbursements is exactly known, your cash flow forecast and decision-making information is enhanced.

SinglePoint ACH Origination

SinglePoint has a powerful, secure and easy-to-use online ACH origination service. Using this online service, you can create ACH debit and credit transactions and transmit them directly to the bank for processing.
  • Pay vendors, employees, shareholders or other parties for a variety of transactions.
  • Save the time and cost of writing, reconciling and distributing checks.

ACH Direct Transmission

Would you like a cost-effective way to initiate electronic disbursements? Send us an electronic file of ACH disbursements, and we will process the transactions as well as debit your account on the settlement date.
  • Save the time and cost of writing, reconciling and distributing checks.
  • Improve your cash flow forecast since you know exactly when you need to fund ACH disbursements.
  • Disburse dividends and pay taxing authorities or other parties for a variety of transactions.

ACH Receipt Reporting

Would you like detailed information on your incoming ACH transactions without waiting for your checking account statement? You can obtain daily detailed information with our ACH Receipt Reporting. This service provides:
  • Timely, comprehensive detailed information.
  • Report options to meet your needs, including data transmission or a U.S. Bank information reporting service.

Treasury Software

A partnership between U.S. Bank and Treasury Software brings you a simple, cost effective solution for file format conversion - quickly and easily convert your payment file to a bank acceptable format from a variety of sources including QuickBooks and Excel. U.S. Bank clients receive a 30% discount on Treasury Software products and services by accessing the following link: ACH File Software

International ACH Services to Canada, Mexico and Europe

Would you like to send ACH transmissions to Canada, Mexico or Europe? Using direct transmission or SinglePoint ACH Origination, you can create ACH debit and credit transactions and transmit them directly to a Canadian bank for processing. And, with direct transmission you can also initiate ACH credit transactions to Mexico and Europe.
  • Pay Canadian, Mexican and European vendors, employees, shareholders or other parties for a variety of transactions.
  • Canadian payments may settle in U.S. Dollars (USD) or Canadian Dollars (CAD). Settle your Mexican transactions in Pesos.
  • For Canadian payments SinglePoint lets you enter recipient information once and reuse it each time.
  • European payments can be sent to five countries (Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).

International ACH Transactions (IAT)

View information on the International ACH Transaction (IAT) processing regulations.

Direct Deposit of Payroll

Electronically deposit funds into your employees' accounts at the financial institution of their choice using one of our ACH services. You can initiate payroll, pension benefits, expense reimbursements and other payments this way.
  • Save the cost of writing, reconciling and distributing checks as well as time spent handling lost or stolen checks.
  • Provide an employee benefit that saves them time and eliminates your need for special arrangements for employees traveling, vacationing or away from your headquarters.
  • For disbursement recipients without bank accounts, our Disbursement Card Services offer an ATM/point-of-sale debit card solution.

Information Reporting Service

Fast, accurate and timely information delivered where, when and how you specify.

Online Tax Payment Services1
When making automated tax disbursements to the federal government or to any state or local agency that allows electronic payment, EasyTax provides the following advantages:

  • Quick, easy-to-use Internet or Touch-toneTM telephone ACH origination service.
  • Fully Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)-compliant service.

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Supplier Enrollment

U.S. Bank provides a complete program focused on expanding supplier acceptance of electronic payments to gain efficiencies and reduce costs. Because both virtual card and ACH are supported within one solution, Supplier Enrollment lets you offer different payment options and terms to each of your suppliers. A dedicated Supplier Enrollment team will help you customize your strategy to reach your suppliers and support your supplier onboarding efforts. A secure online enrollment portal offers efficient supplier self-enrollment, online monitoring of your program and secure storage of your suppliers' banking information.
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Consolidated Payables

U.S. Bank's Consolidated Payables Service simplifies the electronic transmission of your payments and payment-related information to your trading partners and/or banks. You transmit to the bank one data file with all of your payment information for ACH transactions, wire transfers, checks and/or virtual card payments. The bank processes the electronic payment instructions and facilitates the production and distribution of the payments.
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SinglePoint Payables File Manager

U.S. Bank SinglePoint Payables File Manager is used in conjunction with ACH Origination, Batch Wire Transfers or Check Payables and Consolidated Payables services. You can quickly confirm the status of your payment transmissions sent to U.S. Bank that employ the U.S. Bank data translation service. Search for, view and print transmission file and transaction detail reports.
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Wire Transfer

Wire transfers move funds quickly and securely around the country or the world. We offer a full range of input options including telephone, PC and mainframe transmission to send immediately available funds electronically. Additionally, wire transfers may be initiated through SinglePoint.

Initiate a wire transfer through any of the following methods:
  • Touchtone phone
    Enter repetitive wire transfer requests through a touchtone phone.
  • Voice
    Call U.S. Bank Wire Transfer Operations to initiate any wire transfer type.
  • Automated Standing Wire
    Establish domestic and international (USD and foreign currency) repetitive transfer instructions to automatically move funds between two specified accounts when your pre-set criteria is met.
  • Mainframe Batch Wire
    Send your automated wire transfer files, for any wire type, from your mainframe computer via direct transmission. Both domestic and international (FX and USD) wire transfers can be included in a single file.
  • Customer Money Transfer (CMT)
    Establish a connection to the bank with your PC to initiate domestic and international wire transfers. You can also receive reporting information on all of your incoming and outgoing wires.
  • SinglePoint Wire Transfer
    Initiate and manage wire transfers, including domestic and international (USD and foreign currency) transfers and tax payments. Security features, online anytime access and user centered design enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of transferring funds via wire.
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Global Payments

Learn more about our solutions for doing business globally.

For more information on these services, please contact us.

  1. U.S. Bank is not a tax advisor. When it is appropriate, you are encouraged to seek professional tax advice.
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Notice: Foreign-denominated funds are subject to foreign currency exchange risk. Customers are not protected against foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations by FDIC insurance, or any other insurance or guaranty program. Deposit accounts with non-U.S. financial institutions offered through U.S. Bank are not deposits of U.S. Bank and are not insured by the FDIC.

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