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Electronic Collections
Our suite of electronic collections and remittance services offers you speed, accuracy and flexibility. We'll help you streamline your collection processes, accelerate funds availability and provide technologically advanced payment options to your customers.

ACH Services

U.S. Bank is one of the nation's top volume originators of Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. We offer a variety of initiation options for collecting electronic payments including web-based and direct data transmission. With ACH collections, your cash flow forecast and decision-making information is enhanced.
  • SinglePoint - powerful, secure and easy-to-use online ACH origination service. Using this online service, you can create ACH debit and credit transactions and transmit them directly to the bank for processing.
  • Direct Collection - Would you like a cost-effective, automated way to collect repetitive payments? Send us an electronic file of pre-authorized ACH debits to be made to your customers' accounts. We will process the transactions and deposit the funds into your account on the settlement date.

ACH Receipt Reporting - Would you like detailed information on your incoming ACH transactions without waiting for your checking account statement? You can obtain daily detailed information with our ACH Receipt Reporting.

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E-Lockbox Service
Electronically receive bill payments from customers using Internet banking or other bill payment services. U.S. Bank E-Lockbox Service credits your designated U.S. Bank account on the same day payments are received and delivers the remittance data to you in a single consolidated file.
  • Eliminate costly exception processing while improving funds availability.
  • A single credit per day simplifies reconciliation for you.
  • Pre-screening improves the quality of information.
  • Receive paper-based and electronic payments in a single accounts receivable file.
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E-Payment Service

Do you want to collect payments from your customers via the Internet? U.S. Bank E-Payment Service is the Internet connection behind the "pay" button on your website that allows you to collect payments by credit card, debit card and an echeck as an ACH credit from the customer's bank account. In addition to accepting payments, this service provides you with reports and a daily electronic remittance file to update your receivables system.
  • Speed your collections and accelerate your funds availability.
  • Increase control of your cash flow through powerful, real-time reporting capabilities.
  • Give your consumer and business customers additional convenient payment options.
  • Implement an Internet payment option quickly while containing your deployment costs.
Learn more about E-Payment Service.
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Remittance Services

When you exchange business information with your trading partners electronically in a standard format, you also gain efficiencies in your accounts receivable updating. You can:
  • Expedite your accounts receivable updating.
  • Reduce your internal administrative paperwork, processing time and staff expense.
  • Receive all of your remittance data from the bank in a format defined to your specifications.
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Secure Vault Payments (SVP)

Accelerate funds availability by collecting online consumer payments from your website with Secure Vault Payments. SVP authenticates the payer, verifies sufficient funds and authorizes the payment in real-time while you receive an ACH credit the next business day. Your payers appreciate using a simple, fast and secure way to pay directly with their bank account from your website.
  • Lower processing costs than other payment methods including checks and credit cards.
  • Eliminates the need to store consumer financial account information.
  • Avoids payments that result in insufficient funds.
  • Leverages consumer's existing online banking relationship.

Learn More about Secure Vault Payments.
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