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Whether your business chooses to image checks at the point of sale, or take advantage of our ability to separate imaging from the check authorization process, Electronic Check Service automatically handles returns management and keeps you financially whole through the entire check acceptance process.

  • Point of Purchase (POP) - Through use of a check imager at the point of sale, each check is converted to an electronic transaction, and imaged for archival and retrieval purposes. The voided check is handed back to the customer.
  • Cash Office Imaging (COI) - Checks are authorized and processed via existing MICR check readers at the point of sale, while imaging is handled separately in your business's back office at the close of business utilizing a high-speed check imager.
  • Outsourced Imaging - Like the COI option, check imaging is separated from electronic authorization and clearing. Rather than imaging taking place in your business' cash office, the checks are shipped via courier service or UPS to be imaged at your own central location, or at U.S. Bank.

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