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U.S. Bank Electronic Check Service
for Retailers

For most retailers, check acceptance is a necessary part of conducting business. Our industry-leading Electronic Check Service (ECS) offers an alternative to the arduous tasks involved with processing paper checks, regardless of where you choose to image your checks - at the point of sale, in your back office, or via outsourcing.

With Electronic Check Service you can:

  • offer your customers the option of paying by check
  • reduce risk, cost and handling requirements
  • avoid collection hassles
  • convert checks into electronic transactions
  • funds are available in as little as 24 hours

How Electronic Check Service Works
Electronic Check Service Benefits for Retailers

The U.S. Bank Advantage
Electronic Check Service offers conversion only, verification or full guarantee services, and is priced inclusively with no hidden fees. And, only U.S. Bank has the ability to keep you financially whole throughout the entire check acceptance process - including returns management.

U.S. Bank takes managing check acceptance off your shoulders, so you can focus on successfully running your business. Your investment pays tangible returns by streamlining systems and processes and saving you money.

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