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Try Our E-Disbursement Service Demos!

Log on to the U.S. Bank E-Disbursement Service demos to experience how the service can streamline your payment process when disbursing funds to large groups of consumers.

To obtain more information or to schedule a demo, contact your Treasury Management Consultant.

See how your customers can register to receive disbursements

Select "Receive Disbursements" to experience how your customers register for disbursements via the available disbursement options and view their disbursement history.

See how your staff can manage the disbursement process

Select "Manage Disbursements" to experience viewing administrative roles for the following:

  • Administrator Role:
    In this role you have access to all functionality on the site including setting up new users, assigning roles to users, managing recipients, and accessing reports.
  • Manage Recipient Users Role:
    In this role, you can manage recipient information. It would typically be at a call center in your office.
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