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Cash Collections

U.S. Bank Cash Collections

If your company handles a lot of coin and currency, it's important for you to handle it securely and efficiently. We can help you determine the best option to expedite your cash deposits.

Cash Vault Services

If your company deposits or orders large amounts of cash, U.S. Bank's highly automated Vault Service provides the extensive security and accurate reporting you need.

  • Fast, automated processing helps reduce cash deposit processing time and speed collections.
  • Place cash orders online through SinglePoint Cash Vault Ordering or via phone. Cash orders may be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Receive current information about your cash deposits via your PC. Up-to-date information can help you manage your cash position.

Advanced Cash Credit and Notification solutions are also available in conjunction with Cash Vault Services.

Remote Cash Deposit provides the ability to deposit your cash into an on-premise secure safe that transmits a daily posting file to U.S. Bank for credit into your depository account. It offers the advantage of:

  • Consolidating your depository banking relationships
  • Reducing the frequency of armored pickups
  • Affording more time for staff to spend with customers
  • Increasing staff safety
  • Improving security of your cash
  • Depositing your cash without going to a branch
Remote Cash Deposit is available at all U.S. Bank cash vault locations.

Managing cash deposits is a challenge for all cash intensive organizations. Understanding where your deposits are during each step in the deposit process allows you to manage your overall cash position with greater precision. With the web based DTS Tracking System you can track your deposit activity and place your change order requests from one integrated website.

The DTS Tracking System enables you to:

  • Monitor armored car service levels including pick-up and delivery schedules
  • Track detailed cash deposit adjustment information
  • Access multiple reporting options to enhance your cash deposit and change order logistics

Take a guided tour of the DTS Tracking System (to view this content, please enable JavaScript and download Adobe Flash Player.)

DTS Tracking System Guided Tour

DTS is a registered trademark of IFS Services, Inc.

Branch Cash Services

Our Branch Cash Services are designed for entities that make frequent cash deposits and/or require a continuous inventory of coin and currency at their locations. They are available for use when a U.S. Bank Cash Vault location is not in your area.

  • Convenient access to thousands of branches across our footprint.
  • A wide selection of packaging, counting and delivery options at our full service branches to meet your needs.
  • Secure night deposit service after bank hours.

For more information on these services, please contact us.

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