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Structured Trade Finance

Structured Trade Finance specialists at U.S. Bank are available to provide you with skilled expertise and comprehensive service to meet your working capital and global trade finance needs. Our programs and services are designed to improve your cash conversion cycle by financing your domestic or international sales or purchases. Furthermore, our international financing structures are designed to mitigate your trade credit and political risks, enhance your competitiveness and increase your global sales opportunities. Our financing programs include:

Working Capital Solutions

Approved Payables Financing (Buyer-centric)
U.S. Bank can finance your domestic or foreign supply chain by arranging a line of credit designed to provide extended payment terms to you as a buyer. Financing under an Approved Payables line of credit is based on receipt of your approved invoices, and your supplier's offer to sell such invoice – both of which are submitted to U.S. Bank electronically. Along with greater processing efficiencies, an Approved Payables line will expand Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and reduce the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for each supplier.

Receivables Purchase Facilities (Seller-centric)
We may arrange committed or uncommitted lines of credit under which U.S. Bank may purchase domestic or foreign receivables from the supplier – effectively removing those receivables from your balance sheet. Facilities may be structured for the purchase of receivables involving a single obligor or a pool of obligors. Receivable tenors may range from less than 30 days to possibly five years depending on the goods being financed. These true-sale structures are designed to provide suppliers with pre-established buyer limits that may increase sales, and the ability to increase liquidity without increasing debt.

Export Financing Solutions
Short, Medium- or Long-Term Guaranteed/Insured Loans

You may be able to increase your competitiveness by offering your foreign buyers financing with tenors of up to 10 years or longer. Loan facilities may be supported by either the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. or another institution, such as a private insurance company, a multilateral organization or commercial bank partner. The ability to provide the right financing structure to your foreign buyers with the most attractive terms would greatly increase your competitiveness in the global market.

As a Delegated Authority Lender of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, U.S. Bank can provide working capital lines to enable U.S. companies to purchase raw materials, supplies and equipment to fulfill an export sales order and the resulting foreign accounts receivable.

Please contact U.S. Bank International Banking for more information.

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