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SWIFT-related services

Are you exchanging banking information with other banking partners? With SWIFT services you may be able to further reduce costs, control risk and provide better visibility into your funds globally.

SWIFT services with U.S. Bank provide customers and non-bank financial institutions an alternative method to send payment messages, and receive reporting from, banking partners. Utilizing a secure connection to your banks, you can communicate directly with your banking partners and manage payments and account information over SWIFT.

Enhanced and standardized communication
Your company can send and receive instructions to all your banks through a single channel, using a common format with:
  • FIN messaging (SWIFT's own proprietary format and the standard among Financial Institutions) or
  • FileAct (using the SWIFT network to send data in your preferred format)
U.S. Bank supports the following FIN message types with customers using SWIFT's Standardized Corporate Environment (SCORE):
  • MT101 Request for Transfer
  • MT199 Free Format Message (can be used for Reject Notices)
  • MT900 Confirmation of Credit
  • MT910 Confirmation of Debit
  • MT920 Request Message (request for ad-hoc Interim Transaction Report)
  • MT940 Previous Day Statement (Corporate)
  • MT942 Interim (Current Day) Transaction Report
U.S. Bank supports these SWIFTNet services through FileAct:
  • Previous day and current day information reporting in BAI2 format
  • EDI 822 statements
  • ACH payments and confirmations
  • Wire transfer payments and acknowledgements
  • Lockbox detail reporting
  • Positive pay
To learn more about U.S. Bank's SWIFT services, contact Treasury Management Solutions.

For more information, visit SWIFT.

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