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Too often, dealing with multiple investment programs means spending extra time and money. Backed by the strength and security of U.S. Bank, one of the nation's leading financial institutions, the Money Center within the U.S. Bank Corporate Treasury Division provides a full range of fixed income products. The Money Center's experienced, responsive professionals will work closely with your institution to help tailor a financial solution for your investment portfolio.

  • Investment Strategies to Meet Your Needs
    • Short- and long-term securities
    • Tax-advantaged investments
    • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual interest payment options
    • Seasonal, laddering or diversification solutions
  • Variety of Investment Products The Money Center Department of U.S. Bank N.A. offers a variety of investment products, such as:
    • Automated sweep accounts
    • Eurodollar deposits
    • Commercial paper
    • Certificates of Deposit
    • Bankers' acceptances
    • U.S. Treasury and government agency securities
    • Fed Funds
  • Seamless Front to Back Office Transactions Our Safekeeping and Bond Accounting departments provide total safekeeping and bond accounting services, including:
    • Cash activities settled through your DDA or wired to or from other institutions
    • Monthly statements
    • Portfolio accounting (provides comprehensive customized reports)
    • Pledging
    • Interest and maturity notices
    • Internet Access
  • Corporate Cash Management Expertise
    Our Money Center traders are experienced professionals. Their mission is to provide suitable investment products to financial institutions, placing investments that satisfy both your investment needs and investment policy.
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To learn more about how we can simplify your investment program, please contact us.
Investment products, including shares of mutual funds, are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by U.S. Bank or any of its affiliates, nor are they insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. An investment in such products involves risk, including possible loss of principal.
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