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To help financial institutions maintain liquidity and maximize return, U.S. Bank can buy and sell excess funds. Whether you need to sell surplus assets or would like to purchase additional funds, we offer a variety of convenient options at competitive rates.

Fed Funds Sweep
This solution puts every available dollar to work. Fed Funds Sweep links your U.S. Bank checking account to your Fed Funds account. If your checking account dips below a target balance, the program will automatically purchase funds. If your account exceeds a desired limit, the system will sell the excess funds.

The program eliminates the need to monitor and forecast your daily cash position. These tasks are done automatically, since the sweep is the last transaction that posts to your account each day.

Continuous Fed Funds Sales
U.S. Bank can maintain a "continuous" or "open" Fed Funds balance position for your financial institution. You receive the average Fed Funds rate paid each day, and you're free to change your balance position at any time.

Overnight Fed Funds Sales
With this option, you are given the Fed Funds rate paid at a specific time during the day.

Overnight Fed Funds Purchases
Pre-approved Liquidity, Credit, and Capital Markets Solutions customers are allowed to purchase funds overnight, as they become available for sale.

Each of these programs helps drive down operating costs and optimize liquidity. To save even more time and money, combine U.S. Bank Fed Funds Services with our Check Collection Services.

To learn more about Fed Funds Services, contact us today.

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