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Interest and Wire Order Instructions

The following information contains the requirements for changing payment instructions.

Step One: Click on the link below to go to the list of registration types with the appropriate signature requirements. Corporations and Nominees have additional requirements. Please see the Signature Requirements below for more details.

Step Two: After locating who needs to sign the request to change payment details, you will need to write a letter of instruction with the appropriate notarized signature(s) and all applicable information as seen below:

  1. Name(s) of the registered holder(s)
  2. Full bond issue description.
  3. CUSIP and Certificate number.
  4. Address the payment(s) should be sent. Please indicate if you want all future payments sent to this new address or a specific payment.
  5. Bank Name (include an Attention line if necessary) and DDA (Account Number) if sending payment to a bank.
  6. If setting up a wire payment, include the ABA or Routing Number.

Once we have received all of the required documentation, processing time for a Interest/Wire Order updates is approximately 10 business days.

Click here to view Signature Requirements

Click here for Bondholder Services Contact Information

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