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Complex structured financing requires a trustee with a time-tested blend of knowledge, experience and creativity. With a commitment to excellence and superior services, the Structured Finance Group at U.S. Bank has built an impressive record for providing high quality trust and document custody services for all types of structured transactions.

Full Range of Services
U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust Services is one of the largest and fastest growing service providers for this increasingly popular form of financing. Our full range of support services include:
  • Trustee
  • Registrar and Paying Agent
  • Document Custodian
  • Bond Administrator/Calculation Agent
  • Tax Reporting Agent
Efficient, Accurate Administration
Our trust specialists understand the complexities of structured transactions. Their expertise, combined with the use of the best technology available, enables them to meet your needs and fulfill your expectations for timeliness and accuracy.

A Mix of Customers and Assets
Our staff of specialists manages relationships with many different issuers and servicers who have varying types of collateral including:
  • Residential mortgage loans
  • Home improvement and home equity loans
  • Auto loans
  • Credit card receivables
  • Trade receivables
  • Lease receivables
  • Commercial mortgage loans

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