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Executor of an estate

Transfer and redemption requirements

Transfer or redemption of a bond registered to an executor of an estate.

In the upper box, locate the transaction you would like performed. Use the numbers following the transaction to refer to the numbered requirements that appear in the lower box. These are our requirements to transfer or redeem your bond.

Requirements to perform:

Transfer: 1-5
Transfer upon death of executor: 1, 3-7

Payment: 1, 3
Payment upon death of executor: 1, 3, 5-7


  1. The original bond
  2. Endorsement of the Executor, with Medallion Signature Guarantee
  3. A letter of instruction
  4. Transfer fee, if required
  5. W-9 for the new registered holder or payee
  6. Court Certified Letter of the new executor appointment dated within 60 days - must be appointed for the estate
  7. Endorsement by the new executor, with Medallion Signature Guarantee

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