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Corporate finance
Global Corporate Trust Services

Whether you are a growing organization or a large Fortune 500 or FTSE company, our Corporate Finance group can assist you in securing and managing your debt. We are a valued service provider to leading corporations and underwriters involved in the issuance of a wide variety of corporate debt.

Comprehensive suite of services

We provide trustee and administrative services for bonds and notes and serve as corporate trustee on a wide scope of debt financing including:

  • Trust Indenture Act debenture and note issues
  • First mortgage bonds
  • U.S. and European Commercial paper
  • Yankee bonds
  • International / cross border non-USD Issuance
  • Cross-border corporate and structured finance transactions
  • Secured issues
  • Issuing and paying agent for domestic and global programs
  • Leverage lease transactions
  • Reg-S and 144A private placements
  • High Yield Bonds

Specialized expertise

Our nation-wide and European locations provide customers with excellent delivery alternatives and our Corporate Finance group provides superior depository tender exchange and disbursing agent services for corporations involved in mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcy distributions.

We also have extensive experience in the administration of defaults and bankruptcies, having served on numerous creditor committees and handling defaults and bankruptcies for both unsecured and secured debt issues.

Successor trustee services

When the trustee for a debt issue encounters a conflict of interest because it acts in the dual role as lender and trustee for a corporation in financial difficulty, it may need to resign in favor of a successor trustee bank. We have a global reputation for our administrative skills in acting as successor trustee for such conflicted issues.

For additional information regarding corporate finance services, please contact:

Lars Anderson
Senior Vice President, National Sales Manager
U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust
Phone: 313.234.4719

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