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Global Corporate Trust Services

Global Corporate Trust Services

We are a partner who promises and delivers solid financial solutions and superior performance. The long-term nature of corporate trust administration requires we offer continuous commitment and a level of performance provided through our expertise and our vision.

Select from our wide array of trust services and products to complete your financing package.

Escrow Services Collateralized Debt Obligation Services
Public Finance Document Custody Services
Structured Finance Default Services
Corporate Finance Our Mission and Values
Money Market Services  

Escrow Services
Acts as a neutral third party for your financial transactions. Some of our product offerings include:

  • Indemnification
  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • Contractor Retention/Construction
  • Private Placements/Subscriptions

Public Finance
Offers effective, cost-efficient trust solutions in your municipal finance administration. We can serve in many capacities, including:

  • Indenture Trustee
  • Paying Agent
  • Fiscal Agent
  • Tender Agent

Structured Finance
Supports your complex structured financing with trustees who have a time-tested blend of knowledge, experience and creativity. Our full range of support services includes:

  • Trustee
  • Document Custodian
  • Registrar and Paying Agent
  • Bond Administrator/Calculation Agent

Corporate Finance
Assists you in securing and managing your capital, whether your company is large or small. A vast array of financing is available, including:

  • Secured Issues
  • First Mortgage Bonds
  • Leverage Lease Transactions
  • Trust Indenture Act Debenture and Note Issues

Money Market Services
Finds alternatives to traditional sources and delivery methods for obtaining credit on your short-term debt options. Our complete selection of money market instruments includes:

  • Commercial Paper
  • Medium-Term Notes
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Bankers' Acceptances

Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) Services
Handles simple or complex debt transaction needs, including what role CDOs can play in your overall investment strategy. Our capabilities include:

  • Collateral Administration
  • Custodial Services
  • Asset Servicing
  • Investor Reporting via Private Bondholder Website

Document Custody Services
Offers a wide variety of options for the safekeeping of your collateral loan files. We also provide special services, such as:

  • Automated releases
  • Online Access
  • Mortgage Loan Assignments
  • Online certifications via Ginnienet and

Default Services
Offers the expertise and business judgment you need in a workout situation. Our services includes Successor Trusteeships as well as:

  • Restructuring
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liquidating Trusts

To build high-performing corporate trust businesses that create and sustain market leadership as measured by market share and long-term profitability. We will achieve this mission by:

  • Exhibiting a long-term commitment to the corporate trust business
  • Investing in long-term relationships
  • Consistently striving to improve our business and ourselves
  • Demonstrating our commitment to community involvement and maintaining a local presence
  • Recruiting and retaining talented, experienced employees who are rewarded for high performance
  • Leveraging the power of technology to enhance the way we do business
  • Controlling costs
Accountability. We own our decisions, actions and lack of action, as well as their positive or negative results.

Diversity. We value individual differences and work to leverage their inherent creative potential.

Integrity. We are honest, ethical and fair. We clearly communicate the truth, in its entirety, and we expect the truth from others.

Respect. We treat others as we wish to be treated. We respond professionally to all points of view, even when they differ from our own.

Teamwork. We work together to achieve common goals. We voice our individual opinions but support team decisions, sometimes sacrificing our own preferences for the good of the team.

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