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Corporate Relocation

U.S. Bank Home Mortgage's Relocation Division strives to maintain a dedicated focus on delivering total quality client service - from the borrower's first call to answering questions about a closed loan. Optional relocation services include:
  • Group move administration
  • Closing costs billed directly to client
  • Subsidy administration
  • Employee wide programs
  • Private funding, including credit union pension fund, or warehousing
Why U.S. Bank?
There are a number of reasons to consider U.S. Bank your relocation partner, including:
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Ability to retain servicing on multi-year buydown mortgages, offering your employees more choices.
  • Discounted relocation rates that may help employees qualify for a larger home
  • Relocation underwriting guidelines that allow transferees to utilize spousal income, reduce documentation and expand underwriting ratios
Our Team Is On Your Side
The heart of our relocation mortgage operation is our client-team concept. Each client is assigned to a two-person team consisting of a mortgage counselor and a processor accountable to the client. They maintain client communication on issues including closing dates, debt ratios, and other areas that require frequent contact. Staying in contact with your dedicated team is easy, too:
  • Accessibility: Our dedicated client teams are available 24 hours a day by appointment, and can normally be reached between 7:30 AM and 7:00 PM Central Time.
  • Consistent and Accurate Responses: Documents, verbal communications or special provisions are easily accessible.
  • A Convenient Verbal Application: Customers provide information over the phone. A client team counselor inputs the information on our system. Once the application is input (normally within 20 minutes), a printed copy is express-mailed to the customer for review and their signature.
  • Internet Options: As part of the set-up, a client may link to our site from their home page. Once at our site (it may be private labeled for larger clients), the borrower can review products, check rates, or complete an application.
  • Fully Trained Counselor Teams: Each relocation team is thoroughly trained on the client's policies and customer expectations.
For Further Information:
For more information about U.S. Bank Home Mortgage's Relocation Division, call toll-free 800-365-8544.

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