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U.S. Bank One Card

All-in-One Expense Management

Managing business travel, fleet and purchasing transactions with just one process, one staff, one card issuer and one invoice is a reality with the U.S. Bank One Card. Combining the strengths of all major commercial card products, the U.S. Bank One Card empowers organizations to merge separate payment card solutions into one to increase efficiencies and save costs across all platforms. With the one card, you have the ability to offer your employees unsurpassed flexibility without sacrificing any control.

Additional features of the U.S. Bank One Card include:

  • Centralized payment and corporate liability
  • Flexible authorization system controls
  • Easy integration with your current payment system
  • Complete expense management and reporting system
  • Definable individual credit limits
  • Cash access options
  • Automatic travel insurance and emergency travel services
  • Supplier payment solutions
  • Experienced program consultants
  • Tax and compliance management support
  • End-to-end implementation strategies
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Attractive rewards program for participating members, including; air travel, brand-name merchandise and gift certificates
  • Attractive FlexPerks® Corporate Rewards program for participating members, including air travel, brand-name merchandise and gift cards

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