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New payment solutions enhance cash management, visibility and control

Multinational organizations face a variety of challenges when paying global suppliers:
  • Different payment methods and currencies
  • Country-specific legal, tax and reporting requirements
  • Unique cultural practices
  • Disparate payment systems
  • Inconsistent reporting formats and information timing

U.S. Bank can help your organization overcome those obstacles with payables solutions designed specifically for Europe. Global e-payables and commercial card solutions consolidate high-value payment information at the corporate level, while providing important flexibility to regional staff. U.S. Bank global payment solutions can help your organization:

  • Enhance cash management
  • Gain timely access to consolidated data
  • Increase spend visibility and control
  • Improve process efficiencies
  • Generate new rebate opportunity

Your staff will recognize familiar functionality designed to meet European legal requirements and cultural practices. Product consistency across regions simplifies use, enhances efficiency, and streamlines communication and reporting.

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