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U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation Card

Available for over 30 years and accepted at locations around the world, the U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation Card helps organizations streamline multiple flight-related payments with ease. Flight Department Managers rely on the U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation Card to:
  • Pay for aviation-related services, including fuel, aircraft handling, catering and more, with just one card
  • Leverage discount fuel contracts and rates along with our rich level III aviation data
  • Create customized billing and reports to manage monthly aviation-related expenses
  • Track and pay invoices online, anytime from anywhere in the world
Plus, the U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation Card is equipped with extensive online support tools you can use to track and manage aviation expenses anytime, anywhere. With superior customer service available 24/7, cardholders have confidence that their needs will be quickly responded to by our team of experienced and knowledgeable aviation professionals.

You need just one aviation card in your wallet that can cover the aviation expenses you encounter. You need the U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation Card.
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