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U.S. Bank Access® Online

U.S. Bank has a proven success record in providing world-class payment tools that empower clients to stretch their program limits. While most commercial card issuers offer some type of electronic access system, we consistently lead the way in developing innovative tools.

Access Online – our Web-based data management and reporting tool – gives you the flexibility to implement the custom features and functionality to best support and enhance your business development. This innovative card management solution allows you to:

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The four functional cornerstones of Access Online are:

  • Streamline procurement processes and reduce operating costs
  • Access expenditure information in real-time to proactively manage your payment solutions
  • Complete an integration with your existing financial system
  • Increase visibility and controls

Vital Access Online functionality includes:

  • Payment Plus helps maximize your working capital by extracting more value from short-term cash and automates the connection between buyers and suppliers.
  • Transaction Management enables users to manage all aspects of the transaction approval process including: view transaction details, initiate a dispute, reallocate and approve a transaction.
  • Data Exchange File Transfer boasts the ability to transfer large numbers of files (5,000+) while providing consistent, uninterrupted access.
  • Account Setup and Maintenance allows program managers and administrators to open new and edit existing accounts.
  • Online Cardholder Statements are presented in PDF format and are an identical copy of a standard paper statement.

Access Online Program Management Reporting is essential for effective payment program management. This exceptional reporting tool lets clients run pre-defined standards or - through the use of multiple selection, sorting and output functions - create tailored company-driven reports with 24 months of transaction data available online. With these robust reporting capabilities, you can:

  • Access transaction data immediately
  • Create output reports in a variety of formats
  • Select from suite of financial, supplier, travel expense, tax, compliance and global management reports

Access Online Training

Access Online offers intuitive web-based self-study training that demonstrates all of the features and describes the navigation and functionality while providing helpful user guides and simulations.

Access Online instructor-led classes are also available to assist program managers with more complex functionality. Course descriptions, schedules and training registration are all available in the "Register For Instructor-led Training" section on the Web-based training module (WBT).

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