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Technology Finance Group

The Technology Finance Group provides lease financing for computers and many other types of information technology. Thousands of organizations, in nearly every industry, have relied on us to finance their IT solutions.

Our Advantages
Over the years, the Technology Finance Group has built a reputation for providing fair lease contracts and first class customer service.

Our rates are competitive, and equally important, our terms and conditions are extremely fair. With the Technology Finance Group, everything is spelled out from the start, so there are no surprises and no hidden costs.

Also, because we are a direct lender, we are not reliant on the secondary markets to fund transactions.

What Can Be Leased?
We provide lease financing for a wide range of technology including: PCs, laptop computers, midrange systems, networking equipment, telecommunications systems, P.O.S. systems, banking equipment, videoconferencing systems and much more. In addition, we can provide financing for software and related project costs such as consulting, integration and training.

What Type of Products and Services Are Available?

  • Lease financing for hardware, 100% software, integration and other related IT project costs
  • Technology refresh leases
  • True operating leases
  • Innovative technology lease structures
  • True lease guidance facilities
  • LeaseTrakTM Online Asset Tracking

For More Information
Please contact us for information on financing an upcoming technology project. The Technology Finance Group can be reached at 800-253-3468.

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