2017 Annual Report
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This is our bank
A constant in a time of great change
4 ways we put ethics and trust first
Infinite possibilities. One U.S. Bank.
Why is U.S. Bank investing in Play?
This is our bank
A constant in a time of great change
4 ways we put ethics and trust first
Infinite possibilities. One U.S. Bank.
Why is U.S. Bank investing in Play?

This is our bank

At U.S. Bank, who we are and what we do doesn’t make our story extraordinary. It’s how we do things that sets us apart. It’s how we earn and keep trust, and put people first.

Cho is a business owner and U.S. Bank customer. Below is his story about how one loan application grew into a holistic banking partnership with U.S. Bank.

My siblings and I run the 40-year-old commercial real estate company my father founded. When we needed a property loan a few years ago, we were referred to U.S. Bank by a friend. We expected the same standard financing experience we’d had dozens of times before at other financial institutions. However, from the moment we met Annie, our loan officer, and her team at U.S. Bank, we were impressed by the way they operated.

Annie earned our trust by delivering exceptional service. In addition to managing our loans, she worked to know our family and heritage. She listened and identified opportunities in our complex financial lives. We trusted her and were impressed by how she went the extra mile for us each time we interacted. So, even though we weren’t looking for anything from U.S. Bank other than the property loan, when she recommended we meet with her colleague Jim and his U.S. Bank Wealth Management team about our personal and commercial accounts, we agreed.

“What makes the most sense for you?”

At our first meeting, Jim told us his approach to understanding our financial needs was to start with a simple question: “What makes the most sense for you?” It was clear he was focused on doing what was right for us and meeting our needs. After a few meetings, we realized we would have the same level of service working with Jim on our overall financial portfolio as we did with Annie while securing our property loan. So, we brought our personal and commercial accounts over to U.S. Bank.

To this day, Jim pauses after every proposal to ask that same question: “What makes the most sense for you?” Jim, Annie and the rest of the team at U.S. Bank didn’t just handle our business in silos — they took the extra step. They teamed up to make sure all the pieces of our finances fit, and they worked hard for us.

This is our bank, and we are grateful to the extraordinary team at U.S. Bank. We know the whole company is working together to make sure we have the banking tools and service we need to be successful.

A constant in a time of great change

At U.S. Bank, we’re not waiting for the future to happen to us. We’re creating the future now. Secure, simple, comprehensive banking, so you decide when and how you bank with us.

Innovation making banking easier

Meet Elena, a U.S. Bank customer who’s spending another busy day on the go. On the way to work, she stops to pick up coffee. She taps her watch to the payment terminal, grabs her coffee and waves to the barista without ever opening her wallet.

As Elena arrives at work, her watch pings with a message from Sunil, her personal banker at U.S. Bank. He’s letting her know the home loan application she submitted last night through the U.S. Bank Loan PortalSM should be approved by noon.

Sunil’s message triggers Elena’s memory — she needs to review her checking account balance to make sure her daughter’s tuition was withdrawn. “Alexa, ask U.S. Bank, what is my checking account balance?” Elena asks aloud, with her Amazon Echo returning the balance seconds later.

Later that afternoon, she receives a text that her neighbor’s son just finished mowing her lawn. Using Zelle® — an award-winning person-­to-person payment system — she sends a payment to him through her U.S. Bank Mobile App, which he receives almost instantly, saving Elena a trip to the bank to get cash.

On the way home that night, Elena picks up her dogs at the groomer. As she pays, the U.S. Bank anti-fraud security feature she opted in to instantly matches her location to the groomer’s payment terminal. Her watch again vibrates to let her know the transaction is complete.

Tomorrow’s technology, today

At U.S. Bank, the innovations making Elena’s day simpler are already a reality. From banking solutions like location services and the U.S. Bank Loan Portal to wearable payment technology and Amazon Echo skills, we are leading the way in technology innovations that create a better banking experience for our customers.

Most Innovative CEOs

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4 ways we put ethics and trust first

At U.S. Bank, trust and ethics are at the center of everything we do. For the past 155 years, our employees have worked hard to put people first and demonstrate our commitment to ethics and trust. Here are a few of the ways we demonstrate that commitment.


We made ethics its own discipline

U.S. Bank created the new Office of Global Ethics and Business Conduct in 2017, led by Global Chief Ethics Officer Katie Lawler. With this new role, Katie has built a dedicated team that oversees ethics strategy, reporting, policy and investigation.


U.S. Bank named “Most Trusted” 11 years in a row

In 2018, U.S. Bank was named “Most Trusted” in the annual Privacy Trust Study for Retail Banking by the Ponemon Institute for the 11th consecutive year. We earn that trust through our commitment to providing the highest level of protection for our customers’ privacy and the security of their data. Keeping personal information safe and secure is imperative, and as a financial institution, we take our role in that effort seriously.

“Our strong ethical culture is rooted in alignment between our purpose, core values and an understanding that reputation matters.” Katie Lawler, Global Chief Ethics Officer


We do the right thing

At U.S. Bank, we foster an environment that makes it easy to do the right thing. Our core values guide what we do. From each loan we make to every savings account we open, our employees around the world work to ensure that every interaction we have reflects our strong culture of ethics and trust.


Trust at the intersection of people and technology

Every day, we work to be our customers’ most trusted choice. U.S. Bank uses new technology and digital security tools that allow our customers to securely bank how and when they want. We go beyond regulatory requirements to drive a focus on truly knowing our customers, anticipating their needs and helping them meet their goals. By incorporating technology like augmented intelligence, we’re able to enhance our service with better, safer and faster banking solutions.

By doing what’s right, U.S. Bank has worked to earn the trust of customers and communities and help strengthen financial futures.

2018 Most Trusted Company for Retail Banking

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Infinite possibilities.
One U.S. Bank.

At U.S. Bank, we put people first. We know our customers expect the same stress-free, personalized service with every interaction with us. Whether they professionally or personally bank with us, our customers trust us to deliver.

Professional banking needs

In an increasingly complex business environment, our U.S. Bank Corporate & Commercial Banking team continues to be the consistent, predictable and reliable solution. Middle market, large corporate, commercial real estate, financial institution, nonprofit and public sector customers trust us with their most important financial and operational needs.

With our industry-leading financial metrics and best-in-class debt ratings, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers grow and stay a step ahead. That’s why nearly 90 percent of Fortune  1000 companies choose us as their bank each year.

We continue to cultivate that trust with tailored service and industry specialization. Our innovative payments solutions — like RTP® (real-time payments) and the award-­winning U.S. Bank AP Optimizer — stem from our determination to serve our customers.

“In a marketplace where banking services are changing dramatically, our clients trust us to provide them with faster, smarter payments solutions.” Andy Cecere, President and CEO

Personal banking needs

We focus on meeting our retail and business banking customers where they are and making sure they can bank with us however they prefer. We continue to strategically place employees and branches across the country because we know our customers value relationships and in-person transactions. But more and more, consumers are asking for quick, digital access to their banking needs, so we invest in the technology to make that happen.

  • The U.S. Bank Loan PortalSM combines the best of personal service offered by our mortgage loan officers with the latest technology to provide a seamless experience for our mortgage customers.
  • Through our mobile app and website, customers will have the ability to schedule appointments with a banker.
  • And with Zelle® — our person-to-person payment system — consumers can send money to nearly anyone in minutes using just a phone number or email address.

While the building blocks of a strong banking relationship stay the same, the methods we use to bank will continue to evolve over time. And we remain on the leading edge.

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Why is U.S. Bank investing in Play?

Whether it’s visiting a museum on a family vacation or organizing a pick-up game of basketball with neighbors after school, play builds connections and brings communities together. Play brings joy, stimulates creative thinking, develops problem-solving skills and builds character.

2017 Leadership Award

This is our bank
A constant in a time of great change
4 ways we put ethics and trust first
Infinite possibilities. One U.S. Bank.
Why is U.S. Bank investing in Play?

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