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What is Online Investing?

Anytime, Anywhere Access To Your Account And Investing Tools

Welcome to U.S. Bancorp® Investments Online Investing. You can place orders for stock, options and mutual funds, access quotes and perform market analysis. We provide you with access to the information you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we now offer expanded market information and investment tools through industry leaders Thompson Financial and Standard and Poor's.

U.S. Bancorp Investments customers can access their accounts anytime and anywhere they choose:

Access to Online Investing is FREE to all U.S. Bancorp Investments individual investors. Activate your account for Online Investing today by calling 800-888-4700. If you do not have a U.S. Bancorp Investments account, apply now.

Online Investing
Online Investing offers convenient, 24-hour access to your investment account, including:

  • Low $25.00 commission for stock orders up to 1,000 shares.1
  • Detailed, real-time tracking of account positions, activity, balances and order status information.
  • Quick and easy stock, options, and mutual fund order entry.
  • 100 free real-time quotes with every executed trade.
  • Track up to 10 portfolios with up to 25 securities in each portfolio.
  • Customize your Personalized Home Page with a snapshot view of your account, your favorite stock quotes, charts, and your most important account information.
  • Upon request, receive voice or fax confirmation of executed orders.

What's new
U.S. Bancorp Investments Direct is proud to introduce three new enhancements to Online Investing:

  1. Fund Transfers Online
    U.S. Bancorp Investments Direct customers can now transfer funds online between their U.S. Bancorp Investments Direct account2 and their linked U.S. Bank® checking or savings account. To link your U.S. Bank checking and savings account to your U.S. Bancorp Investments Direct account or to transfer funds between a linked non-U.S. Bank checking or savings account and a U.S. Bancorp Investments Direct account, please call us at 800-888-4700, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. CT.
  2. Secure Message Center
    U.S. Bancorp Investments Direct customers are now able to communicate in a secure fashion while online with U.S. Bancorp Investments Specialists. You can access the Message Center through Online Investing, where you can create/submit new messages/customer service inquiries and read incoming messages. Communication both to and from the customer is secure, providing you with the ability to discuss personal account information with an Investment Specialist.
  3. Partnership with CBS MarketWatch
    U.S. Bancorp Investments has partnered with CBS MarketWatch (formally "Big Charts") to provide the chart content for each customer's Online Investing personal page. While the charts default to one month's history, you can change the time frame of the chart by clicking on the specific period you would like to see.
Online Investing Tools
U.S. Bancorp Investments is proud to team up with Standard and Poor's to offer the best in market information and investment tools.
  • Stock and Mutual Fund screening tools help you identify which stocks and mutual funds meet your specific/personal investment criteria.
  • Market Snapshots provide you with continuous updates on market indices.
  • Standard & Poor's Premium Stock & Mutual Fund Research reports provide in-depth company research reports including S&P analysts' buy, sell, and hold recommendations, company overviews, and fundamental company information.
  • Financial Planning Tools help you create a personal portfolio and monitor portfolio performance. Analyze stocks and mutual funds held within the portfolio. Receive specific stock and mutual fund recommendations based on your personal investment goals.
  • Analyze your portfolio for asset allocation. Get the right asset allocation for your specific financial goals.
  • Market News and Commentary includes extensive news, research, and analysis from Standard and Poor's world-class analysts and editors. Updated throughout the day with breaking news, it provides a global perspective and intra-day market commentary and news.

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Touch-tone Investing
All the convenience of Online Investing accessed from a touch-tone phone:

  • $35.00 for stock orders up to 1,000 shares.1
To activate your account for Touch-tone Investing, please call 800-888-4700.

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  1. An additional 3 cents will be charged for each share over 1,000 shares. Orders for stocks priced less than $1.00 per share must be placed through a U.S. Bancorp Investments Specialist and Online Investing rates do not apply.
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  2. Fund transfers must be between a funded money market fund or against an existing margin debit. To request an initial fund movement between your linked-U.S. Bank account and your U.S. Bancorp Investments money market fund, please call an Investment Specialist.
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Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 11Ac1-6

U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc. has prepared the linked report pursuant to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rule 11Ac1-6 requiring quarterly reports of order routing practices. The report provides information on the routing of any order that the customer has not specifically instructed to be routed to a particular venue for execution. For these non-directed orders, U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc. has selected the execution venue on behalf of its customers. View the U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc. 11Ac1-6 report.

Investment products and services are available through U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC, an investment adviser and a brokerage subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp and affiliate of U.S. Bank.

Insurance products are available through U.S. Bancorp Insurance Services, LLC, in Montana U.S. Bancorp Insurance Services of Montana, Inc., and in Wyoming U.S. Bancorp Insurance & Investments, Inc. All are licensed insurance agencies and subsidiaries of U.S. Bancorp and affiliates of U.S. Bank. Policies are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies and may not be available in all states. CA Insurance License Number OE24641.
U.S. Bank is not responsible for and does not guarantee the products and services, or the performance of the products or services, offered by its affiliates or by third parties.

* U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc. and U.S. Bancorp Insurance Services, LLC is not a tax advisor. When it is appropriate, you are encouraged to seek professional tax advice.

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