Development & growth

Being your best means you're always learning. We invest in your growth with education and development resources that, along with your drive and performance, propel your success.

At U.S. Bank, we pay for performance through incentive programs that recognize achievement. The opportunity is here; it's yours for the taking.

  • Development & performance planning hides details

    Partner with your manager to chart your own course at U.S. Bank. By setting goals, pursuing your interests and taking action on your development needs, you're in control of your success – and the rewards that go with it – with the full support of U.S. Bank.

  • MentorConnect shows details

    Connect with other U.S. Bank employees as an advisor or learner or join a mentoring group focused on your development goals. Build your expertise and leadership skills, expand your network and explore career options.

  • Employee groups shows details

    Participate in local employee groups to connect with colleagues and leaders, share your talents to enrich our communities, and grow your skills. We offer Business Resource Groups for employees who share similar backgrounds and life experiences, as well as Development Network chapters for employees who work in a common geographic region.

  • US Book shows details

    Connect with thousands of your U.S. Bank colleagues on US Book, our internal social network. Write a blog, join an online community and learn from coworkers from across the company.

  • Career exploration site shows details

    Learn about the different jobs at U.S. Bank and what it takes to move into these roles. Also, join "Job of the Month" teleconferences to get the inside scoop from employees in featured roles.

  • Global Learning Lab shows details

    U.S. Bank's online Global Learning Lab is an easy-to-use tool that gives you access to individualized learning plans and personal transcripts, course catalogs and online courses.

    Global Learning Lab includes thousands of self-paced courses for personal and professional growth from the Skillsoft eLearning Library — everything from Microsoft Office, to Quickbooks, to project management and much more. You can earn CPE, CEU and some college credits.

    Global Learning Lab also gives you access to Harvard Resources, which allows you to build your knowledge and skills in more than 40 topic areas, and includes tools and worksheets that you can use to work more effectively.

  • Leading Us shows details

    We're committed to developing strong leaders who engage our employees, drive customer satisfaction and make their mark in our communities. Leading Us, an online resource, features news, articles and tools that can help you build your leadership skills centered around our eight Distinctive Leadership Practices. Also, join Leader Forum teleconferences to connect, share best practices and collaborate on a variety of leadership topics.

  • Tuition reimbursement shows details

    U.S. Bank provides financial support to active, full-time employees with at least six months of service through our Tuition Reimbursement Program.

  • Training partnerships shows details

    Take advantage of tuition discounts at participating schools. Skill-building webinars and podcasts on a variety of business-related topics also are available. Eligible employees also may take courses through the American Bankers Association, the Center for Financial Training and educational providers.

  • New employee orientation shows details, our website for new employees, guides you through your first year at U.S. Bank. It offers helpful checklists, tells our story, highlights development resources and showcases the values and principles that set us apart. It also includes a suite of tools that helps you and your manager map out your first 30 days, set performance goals and build a network of contacts.