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U.S. Bank Gold Checking Package

U.S. Bank Gold Checking Package is a full-service checking account combined with an open U.S. Bank personal loan, line or credit card. Find common checking-related fees below. Or for a complete list of account terms, policies and pricing, refer to Your Deposit Account Agreement and the State Farm Addendum and Consumer Pricing Information disclosure.

Account opening and maintenance

Minimum opening deposit:


Monthly maintenance fee:


Waive monthly maintenance fee:

Have an open U.S. Bank personal loan, line or credit card (excluding U.S. Bank Reserve Line of Credit and Student Loans)

For U.S. Bank:

 Equal Housing Lender. Deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC. Mortgage, home equity and credit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association and subject to normal credit approval.

ATM fees

Transactions – U.S. Bank ATMs:


Transactions – non-U.S. Bank ATMs:

$0 on first two transactions per statement period, then $2.50 on each additional transaction after two

Non-U.S. Bank ATM owners may apply a surcharge fee unless they participate in the MoneyPass® Network.

Choose if you want ATM and debit card overdraft coverage.

You’ll need to make a decision about overdraft coverage for ATM transactions and debit card purchases (e.g., paying for gas at the pump, buying groceries and buying something online) that you make when there isn’t enough money available in your account.

If you say “yes” to ATM and debit card overdraft coverage, the bank may pay these transactions and charge an Overdraft Paid Fee.

If you say “no” to ATM and Debit card overdraft coverage, these transactions will be declined, and you will not be charged an Overdraft Paid Fee.

Note: Saying “no” to overdraft coverage for ATM and debit card transactions does not guarantee that you will avoid any Overdraft Paid Fees for other types of transactions on your account.

Checks, automatic bill payments and recurring debit card transactions may be paid or returned at the bank's discretion and are subject to Overdraft Paid Fees.

Overdraft fees and overdraft protection

Overdraft Paid Fees:

$36 for each item of $5.01 or more

$0 for each item of $5 or less

Other merchant fees may apply.

Minimum overdrawn balance threshold:

If your available balance at the end of the business day is or would be:

  • Overdrawn by $5.01 or more, an Overdraft Paid Fee may be assessed.
  • Overdrawn by $5 or less, an Overdraft Paid Fee will not be assessed.

Daily maximum:

U.S. Bank limits the number of charges to a daily maximum of four Overdraft Paid Fees per day, no matter how many items we pay on your behalf.

Extended Overdraft Fee:

A $36 fee is charged if the available balance remains negative for eight consecutive days; you will be charged the $36 Extended Overdraft Fee on that day or the next business day, as applicable.

Overdraft protection and Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee:

Link an eligible savings or credit account (U.S. Bank Reserve Line, credit card, personal line of credit, home equity line of credit and/or other lines of credit) to your checking account to transfer funds when there is not enough money in your account to pay a transaction.

For negative balances of $5.01 or more, transfers will occur in multiples of $50 to cover the negative balance. If the transfer is from a credit account, a $7.50 per day Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee will be charged.

For negative balances of $5 or less, the amount advanced will be $5 and the Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee will be waived.

Learn more about overdraft protection

Transaction processing

Transaction posting order:

Transactions are generally processed in the following order on the business day they are received:

  • All deposits; then,
  • Customer-initiated, non-check withdrawals in date and time order, starting with the earliest transaction; then,
  • Paper checks in number order, starting with the lowest number

Funds availability

Branch deposits and ATM deposits:

Please refer to the U.S. Bank Your Deposit Account Agreement for details regarding the U.S. Bank funds availability policy.

Direct deposits and wire transfer deposits:

Same business day

Returned deposited item or cashed check fee:

$19 for each check you deposit or cashed from an account with insufficient funds

Digital services

Online banking:

$0. View and manage your accounts through

Anytime credit score access:

$0. View your credit score and use the simulator tool to see how certain actions affect your score. Free credit score access, alerts and score simulator through TransUnion’s CreditViewSM Dashboard are available to U.S. Bank Online Banking customers only.

Bill pay:

$0 for standard one-to-two day electronic delivery

$0 for standard three-to-four day paper check

$14.95 for same day or overnight

Account alerts:

$0. Customize your own alerts to stay informed about important account activity. Message frequency depends on account settings.

For text alerts, standard messaging charges apply through your mobile carrier. Check with your carrier for specific fees and charges.

Mobile banking:

$0. View and manage your accounts through the U.S. Bank Mobile App or the mobile website.

Send money:

$0. Send, receive and request money with Zelle® using an email address or U.S. mobile number. 

Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

External transfers:

Inbound transfers:

  • Standard delivery: $0
  • Next Day delivery: $0

Outbound transfers:

  • Standard delivery: $0

Transfer money to or from your accounts at other financial institutions. Eligibility requirements and restrictions apply.


$0. Set up electronic versions of your paper bills and get them delivered directly to your online banking inbox.


$0. Receive, view and store electronic copies of your account statements.

Debit card services

Debit card cash advance:

$2. Assessed when performing a cash advance with a teller at any financial institution that accepts Visa®

Other account services

Paper statements with check images:

$2 per statement cycle

Stop payment (24-month duration):


For more detailed fee information, consult Your Deposit Account Agreement and the State Farm Addendum and Consumer Pricing Information disclosure. For more detailed information on digital services, refer to the Digital Service Agreement.

Deposit products offered by the U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC. Mortgage, Home Equity and credit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association and subject to normal credit approval.

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