Future focused

What will banking look like in 25, 10 or even two years? The only thing we know with certainty is that people and the movement of money will be involved. Beyond that, our goal is to be there for our customers.

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Investments and optimization

To be there for our customers means imagining and creating the banking experiences they may not yet even know they want. As we think about the branch of the future — which we’re well on our way to achieving — we’re tailoring physical locations based on customer behavior. That means optimizing an in-person experience that is more about financial conversations and strategy than transactions.

Whether a customer chooses to bank in person, digitally or a combination of both, we’re thoughtful in how best to create a personalized experience for our customers to bank where, when and how they want. We know this combination of our people and digital tools sets us apart and is a key to our future success.

Newer, better, faster

We continued to grow our business by bringing to market technology and solutions to help our customers bank when, where and how they want and then adjust as their preferences change.

9XIn 2020, customers engaged with us digitally nine times more than in person.

Good neighbors — and good partners

In a strategic alliance that extends our customer reach, we paired with State Farm(opens new window) to bring our deposit products and co-branded credit cards to their customers.

Early adoption

We continue to adopt new technologies in banking. We invested the new Akoya Data Access Network and became the first bank to integrate(opens new window) with the company, giving our customers a more secure way to link their data with their favorite third-party apps, as well as more control over their data.

We have a history of firsts in financial services. We were the first to sign on with Zelle® and the first to integrate with all three digital assistants as well as enable Apple Pay®, Google Pay and Samsung Pay®. We’re able to be first because we know our success in the future all begins today.

Our 5-star app

The U.S. Bank Mobile App has been rated 5 star by over one million users.


An emphasis on reusable technology is core to our strategy. When we create platforms and tools with reusability in mind, we’re able to provide a consistent experience for customers and exponentially save on time and money.

The fruits of this forward thinking allow us to respond to a competitive marketplace quickly and lead in times of change — to get new features into customers’ hands faster.

We have a team solely tasked to find ways to repurpose technology and they are already delivering impressive results:

Cloud Apply:(opens new window)

As a bank, application forms are necessary. For consumers, they can be tedious. We overhauled our consumer checking application process to dramatically reduce the number of fields and make them simpler. This yielded a nearly 200% increase year-over-year in account openings, and we will be scaling this reusable technology across the organization.

ReliaCard® App:(opens new window)

We launched a new prepaid mobile app by repurposing the U.S. Bank Mobile App components — saving both cost and valuable time to deliver a powerful tool that more than a dozen states use to disburse unemployment assistance funds.

Pivot App:(opens new window)

We launched our new Pivot App which provides comprehensive data, files and reports for Investment Services clients on the go — built in-house and released in just three months by re-using the U.S. Bank Mobile App platform.

Online banking:(opens new window)

We released our reimagined online banking experience, which takes the best of the mobile app and brings it to the web interface.

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