Trust is our future now

We’re committed to earning and
keeping your trust

We work 24/7 to protect our customers

Our customers’ trust is at the heart of everything we do. In this age of digital funds, money is more intangible than ever before. Although the ways our customers move money have changed, our commitment to trust remains steadfast.

Doing the right thing

One way we demonstrate our dedication to trust is by fostering an environment that makes it easy to do the
right thing.

Our team spent more than 33,000 hours on Code of Ethics training in 2018. This training empowers employees to speak up, gives leaders the tools to create a successful environment, and ultimately guides the way we work, innovate and do business. We are proud to be named a World’s Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute in 2019, for the fifth consecutive year.

Best-in-class credit ratings

With our diverse mix of businesses, consistent returns, and conservative risk management, U.S. Bank is consistently recognized as one of the highest-rated banks globally by the major credit rating agencies.

Of particular note is Moody’s Investors Service’s recognition of U.S. Bancorp as the highest-rated bank globally on a standalone basis.

The hardest work happens at the intersection of what’s possible and what’s right. In an era of evolving expectations, we have a powerful constant: a culture that values ethics above all else.
Katie Lawler
Senior Vice President and Chief Ethics Officer
on our commitment toward being the Most Trusted Choice

Fighting cyber attacks

At the U.S. Bank Cyber Defense Center:600+ employeesin 5 global locationsmonitor 4 billion+ cyber events each day and they can spring into action when a threat or possible fraud is detected. Using state-of-the-art automated tools — like machine learning and artificial intelligence — to process cyber events, our defense specialists can respond quickly to issues.

Since we know an attack on one institution could affect us all, we teamed up with other financial institutions to form the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center 10 years ago. Together, with 7,000 other institutions, we can help stop the spread of attacks.

Investing in the future

Looking ahead, we’re building a pipeline of cybersecurity talent.

We’ve established cyber fellow partnerships (opens new window) and scholarships(opens new window), and we participate in STEM programs, robotics competitions and app challenges for middle school students.

Cybersecurity continues to be our top priority to ensure we safeguard and protect our customers’ information. At U.S. Bank, our team of cybersecurity experts is dedicated to protecting our customers’ data at all times by continuously monitoring our environment and swiftly responding to any threats or vulnerabilities.
Jeff von Gillern
Vice Chairman, Technology and Operations Services