Communities are
our future now

A Chicago transformation

When Chicago began revitalizing and redeveloping a shuttered factory, we saw an opportunity to partner with the community.

We worked in partnership with community members and leaders to create 1,300 jobs, generate business growth, build 135 affordable housing units, and bring needed fresh produce and pharmaceuticals to the area.

We also helped to provide recreational facilities by working with the community to build the U.S. Bank Pullman Community Center that will serve 50,000 people annually. To date, we’ve invested $113 million in the Pullman community.

In addition to our contributions to the economic revitalization of this underserved area, our U.S. Bank office tower and branch(opens new window) are located in the heart of the Pullman community.

To date, our investment in the Pullman community includes$113 Million

  • 135,000
    square foot community center
  • 1,300
    permanent jobs
  • 135
    affordable housing units
  • 10
    years investing in Pullman

and the Pullman Community has seen a 10% increase in college graduation rates1 and a 52% decrease in crime rates2.

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Grand opening of the U.S. Bank Pullman Community Center, November 8, 2018.

At U.S. Bank we’re building and creating economic development by closing the gap between people and opportunity through our giving and engagement platform, Community Possible. This comes to life in the areas of Work, Home and Play — all three of which are part of
the Pullman transformation.
Terry Dolan
Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer