U.S. Bank introduces Business Essentials for business banking clients 

May 04, 2022

Offering provides simple ways for small businesses to manage their finances and operations. 

U.S. Bank has recently launched Business Essentials, a new name for its holistic banking, payments, and software offering for small businesses. 

Today’s business owners are looking to their financial partners to offer smart solutions in a unified experience that will help them save time, money, and effort. As the name Business Essentials suggests, U.S. Bank offers all the financial “essentials” a business needs with easy-to-use banking, payments and software solutions all in one place. 

Organized around three areas – Pay & Receive, Manage & Run, Plan & Progress – Business Essentials focuses on the way small businesses do business. From invoicing and payroll to managing day-to-day cash flow and planning for future growth,  Business Essentials provides a one-stop shop in a seamless digital experience – all backed by expert human support from bankers who specialize in small business. The unified platform makes it easy for clients to take care of their financial needs today, and provides insights and support to help them make smart decisions for tomorrow. 

“To succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment takes grit, ingenuity, innovation and a lot of hard work,” said Lynn Heitman, Executive Vice President of the Business Banking Segment at U.S. Bank. “We know that business owners are juggling an overwhelming number of decisions, information and tasks. With Business Essentials, we are serving as their financial partners and helping our clients solve for these challenges via our integrated offering across banking, payments and software.”

Heitman continued, “We bring together multiple products and services in one holistic offering, allowing businesses to have their invoicing, payments, cashflow management, access to funding and more all in one place. Our digital platform makes it quick and easy for business owners to take care of their financial needs, and there are expert bankers standing by when they need more hands-on support. Our aim is to make the day-to-day financial aspects of owning a business simple and efficient so our clients can get back to doing what they love.”

Business Banking clients will see the new “Business Essentials” name appear on our landing page and mobile app today, and the name will be used in our marketing and branding content moving forward. To learn more about Business Essentials or to make an appointment to speak with a local business banker, click here

Learn more about how we're honoring the grit and creativity of small business owners with our #SinceDay01 campaign during Small Business Month. 

"That's What U.S. Bank is For"

View our new national brand campaign, themed “That’s What U.S. Bank is For,” that spotlights the ways in which U.S. Bank can help small business owners, across banking and payments.  From a comprehensive point of sale system that tracks inventory, manages schedules and customizes orders to the ability to obtain a loan in 12 minutes, we bring it all together in a holistic offering for our small business clients.

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